Privacy Policy


Data Protection & Privacy

Although we have a special exemption in registering with the ICO, we take all their procedure in place to protect and manage your data.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We take special precautions with your sensitive personal data, and we will process your data lawfully, and as described. We only process the information we need for as long as we need to and respect all of your rights under GDPR.

We will never sell, share or otherwise abuse your data.
You can contact us at any time to request your data, change your preferences or request that your data be deleted. GDPR is the European privacy law designed to protect you and give you control of your data.

Data collected online

The data collected via this form or via the booking page on our website are kept confidential at all the time. Your therapist will not have access to your private details unless there is a serious concern.

In case you do not wish to proceed with us we will delete your personal details from our records.

We do not store any personal information elsewhere.

How we use your data

We collect the minimum details about yourself and we do not use your details for anything but related to your therapy.

Full information on how we should your data can be found here:

Your details in communications and appointment reminders

Some boundaries and limits may break confidentiality if:

  • You or others are, in the opinion of the therapist, seem to be in danger or at serious risk of being harmed.
  • The therapist is required to do so by subpoena.
  • The client infers involvement in or knowledge of an act of terrorism or money laundering.
  • The client infers knowledge of or involvement in drugs trafficking.
  • The client infers knowledge of or involvement in behaviours that may, in the therapist’s opinion, lead to harm or neglect to children and vulnerable adults.

Your therapist will not acknowledge your presence in public to not infer that you are in a therapeutic rapport. Hence, please do not take it personally if your therapist does not greet you in a public place. However, you are free to acknowledge their presence and welcome them if you want to.

Supervision and confidentiality

Therapists monitor their practice by attending regular supervision sessions, and they are committed to their self-development. There are times when the therapist will take aspects of your sessions to supervision to monitor the therapist practice; at no time will your name or any identifiable information be mentioned and their supervisor is also committed to your contracted confidentiality. Therapethical administrative team and its partner, such as the accountant, might have only access to this form or the number of sessions taken monthly. All our team and partners are required to comply with the confidentiality policy.

Records of sessions and notes

The therapist might keep notes relating to your sessions; these notes are kept secret and encrypted with no mention of your details. You can access these notes at any time; please read the full policy to know-how. The therapist may record sessions (audio recording) for self-evaluation and supervision. The therapist will always consult the client before a recording is made, and the client has the right to refuse that the session be recorded.