Dealing with loneliness

As you may know, last week was Mental Health Awareness Week, and this year’s theme is loneliness. We can all experience loneliness from time to

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How Psychotherapy Can Help

Whether you are interested in human behaviour or have a loved one dealing with mental health problems, you may have heard of psychotherapy. But what

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Suicide Prevention

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that cherished friends, family members, and successful business people could be suffering from this silent issue like is suicide. Even

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Taylor Swift’s Eating Disorder: How she won the battle.

Do you suffer from an eating disorder? Are you struggling to get through each day? Do you have a friend that is suffering from disordered eating? Whether you do or not, this post will interest you. Taylor Swift has opened up about her eating disorder and how she overcame it. Her journey is inspirational and could show others the way to recovery.

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